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We recently bought a GoPro ‘Super Suit’ dive cover for our GoPro Hero 7 but were having trouble removing the lens cover from the camera to fit it in to the dive cover.

Reading instructions and watching videos online, it seems removing the GoPro lens cover is just a matter of simply pulling and twisting it off with the fingertips.

But ours was so stiff, no amount of twisting, pulling or forcing would get the lens cover off – it’s totally stuck.

I don’t know if this is a fault with our particular camera or not, but it seems a lot of GoPro owners have a similar problem.

Anyway, we managed to remove the lens stuck cover in the end – see the video below for the technique I used.

I used two credit cards (or similar cards which I didn’t really need as they might get damaged).

Carefully slide one card in to the the small gap between the lens cover and the GoPro camera housing.

Be careful when doing so – first time I did it I accidentally sliced in to the camera body causing some minor damage, so be careful that you’re getting the card in to the gap and not damaging the camera body.

Once you’ve got one card in there, the gap opens up a little, giving space to slot the second one in too.

With two cards in the gap between the lens cover and camera body, you should then be able to grab the edge of the lens cover and twist anti-clockwise, then pulling the cover away from the camera body.

Putting it back on was much easier – just line up, push and twist it back in to place.

I feel like this might need doing several times using this technique perhaps to loosen the mechanism and make it possible with bare hands eventually in future.


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