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We’re a family of six – Bev, Andy and our four children Emma, Luke, Alicia and Ryan. We’ve always loved adventurous holidays and travel, something that can sometimes be a challenge¬†(not to mention expensive) with a large, growing¬†family ranging from baby up to fully-grown teenagers.

We’ve always tried our best to get around and see as much of the world as possible with the children as they’ve grown up and always felt that travelling with a family like ours is made easier when you can have the advice and experiences of others who’ve done the same. So we set up this blog to document our travels and provide help, advice, reviews and information to other families doing the same. Read more about us…

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Iceland Holiday Itinerary – What to Expect on a Family Holiday to Iceland - We spent five amazing days in Iceland. Here's our full Iceland holiday itinerary with our advice and reviews on what we got up to on our family trip to Reykjavik... The May half-term arrived and, despite looking for several weeks for some last-minute getaways, we'd found nothing suitable and thought we'd have to shelve our… Read More
Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Family Holidays - As a family of six, with three of our four children classed as "adult" age by the travel companies, the cost of our holidays can get extremely high, which is a problem as holidays are our favourite thing to do! Over the years, we've come across various different ways to try to keep the costs… Read More
Our Ultra Last Minute Weekend in Snowdonia - Sitting at the dinner table on a Friday evening in June, we were talking about what we might do at the weekend. We were struggling to come up with anything more exciting than just taking the dog out for a walk, which was a shame because the weather forecast was looking good and we didn't… Read More