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One day of our week in Lauterbrunnen was very rainy so we decided on visiting Trummelbach Falls, which is at the end of the Lauterbrunnen valley. It’s an enormous waterfall of melting glacier ice which cascades down inside the cliff face, through caves and crevices.

There is a walkway that takes you up and down right next to the waterfall – almost within touching distance – and lets you view it from certain man-made vantage points. There aren’t many places like this in the world and it’s a sight well worth seeing.

You have to pay to visit Trummelbach Falls, although we thought this would be covered by our Jungfrau regional pass but it wasn’t – it’s an privately operated attraction where no regional lift passes are valid and you have to pay to enter.

However, once we got to the top of the lift and up to the first viewing point, we were glad we’d paid the entry fee!

It’s quite mind blowing – the sheer power of the water, the noise, the spray, the height and the way the water has carved its way through the mountain over the millions of years. Being so close to the falls, hearing the roar of the water and feeling the incredible power of nature…

This is the view we had, looking back down the Lauterbrunnen valley, from visiting Trummelbach Falls. Pretty ominous looking skies but even so, still beautiful!

There’s not enough here to fill a full day out at Trummelbach Falls – we were there for a few hours on a rainy day – and it’s an ideal trip to make if you’re in the area on a bad weather day. It’s definitely worth going to see and a really memorable experience!

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