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This restaurant in Lauterbrunnen is in the Camping Jungfrau campsite, but is open to guests who aren’t staying in the campsite…

Most things in Lauterbrunnen are expensive by UK standards – restaurants included – and we were advised that this was the best value of the restaurants in Lauterbrunnen, which I would agree with.

It’s quite a small restaurant with limited seating, so gets quite busy – but we were able to get a table each of the three times we visited despite not reserving (though it would be wise to make a reservation if possible as there was a bit of a wait).

Despite clearly being extremely busy, our food was served pretty quickly – and all six of us enjoyed our meals, which were decent sized portions – something not all restaurants in Lauterbrunnen offer!

There is one waitress there who appeared very abrupt and miserable, to the point of rudeness. We just joked between ourselves about her attitude rather than let it affect our meal, which we were really happy with.

The next time we went we were served by another waitress who couldn’t have been more different. Despite being totally rushed off her feet, she was cheerful, friendly, happy and a pleasure to deal with – she certainly deserves recognition!

This restaurant gave us everything we needed. Not exactly mind-blowing, but good quality food in good sized portions for (relatively) reasonable prices. I don’t think you’ll find anywhere offering better value food around Lauterbrunnen¬†town.

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