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After our previous visit to Grindlewald earlier in the week we headed back here again and tried a different lift, heading up to ‘Grindlewald First’. This was a longer lift and a higher altitude where it was noticeably colder at the top compared with the bottom.

Here they have a range of activities for kids and adults including a brilliant looking zipwire called the ‘First Flyer’, downhill ‘mountain carts’, a ‘cliff walk’, which is a lookout platform with views across the valley plus various other attractions.

Take a look at the Grindlewald First website for details on everything they have up there – it’s well worth a visit.

The mountain carts at Grindlewald First

We decided to do the mountain carts and it was absolutely fantastic. We were watching them from lift on the way up and I thought they looked like they might be fun for the kids.

I’m in to downhill mountain biking and thought the carts would be a bit tame for me but had a go anyway so I could go down along with the children.

I was extremely wrong about them being too tame! They were amazing fun! You can go as fast or slow as you want, so the kids, who were a bit less confident flying down at top speed could just go at their own pace.

For anyone (like me) hoping for more speed and excitement, if you let the brakes off they absolutely flew!

All of us absolutely loved them and really wanted to go again, but they weren’t cheap for all of us to do and a second run was a bit over budget for us. We can all definitely highly recommend the Grindlewald First mountain carts though, they’re great fun.

Emma, our 7-year old, wanted to do the First Flyer zip line, which we were surprised about because it’s a pretty serious looking ride – high up over the mountainside and really fast.

She was all geared up to do it and we queued up to pay for her, only to find they had a minimum weight limit and she wasn’t quite heavy enough to do it, much to her great disappointment.

Even so, Grindlewald First was a great day with plenty of activities and walking trails if that’s more to your liking – well worth a visit.


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