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We ate out at different restaurants in Kotor every day of our stay here – here’s a run-down of our favourite places to eat in and around Kotor Bay and town…

Kotor is absolutely full of restaurants so there’s no shortage of places to choose from for visitors to eat.

Inside the walls of the Old Town are numerous pavement-side restaurants, bars and cafes – so many it’s difficult to make a decision on where to eat.

Outside the Old Town itself, around the bay, there are plenty more restaurants, typically with slightly lower prices than the premium you pay inside the walls of the Old Town.

One of the many restaurants in Kotor Old Town, with an amazing live musician entertaining diners

On our first night in Kotor, we chose a restaurant in the Old Town at random, which just seemed to offer the right sort of selection for the whole family.

Some of these Old Town Kotor restaurants, with their rows of tables under parasols outside the old medieval buildings are fairly anonymous and we didn’t even catch the name of this place.

Still, the food was reasonable – nothing memorable – and the price not too high.

Given the high standard of catering and large number of restaurants in Kotor, it’s unlikely you’ll find anywhere bad at all – the town has a bit of a reputation for high quality food and drink and we didn’t find anywhere unsatisfactory, or hear from anyone at all who’d had any bad experiences eating in any of Kotor’s restaurants.

Ladovina Restaurant

Our apartment was in Kotor Muo, just the other side of the bay from Kotor Old Town and, just a 5-minute drive down the road, slightly hidden away, is Ladovina restaurant, which, at our time of visiting, was the highest rated restaurant in Kotor on TripAdvisor.

Ladovina restaurant in Kotor Muo

We headed here looking for a table for five to find it was fully booked and you needed a reservation, so we made one for the next night.

When we came back the next day, it was soon clear why it’s so popular. We all had different meals, ranging from tuna steak to pizza, and every single one was absolutely first class.

The tuna steak in particular is actually one of the best meals I’d ever eaten in my lifetime!

The best tuna steak I’ve ever eaten!

The staff were friendly, spoke very good English and the whole experience here was fantastic. It’s a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere ideal for families.

We immediately booked again for the next night and sure enough, second time around it was the same.

Prices were similar to the restaurants in Kotor Old Town but the quality of food at Ladovina was much higher than in the restaurants we ate in at the town itself.

This could certainly be the best restaurant in Kotor and, if you’re staying in the area – particularly if you’re staying around Kotor Muo – we’d definitely recommend you pay Ladovina a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

The Galion

We’d seen the signs all week for the Galion restaurant – another one outside of the Old Town and next to the marina, right on the water’s edge. In fact, the restaurant is built literally over the water and has the appearance of floating on the bay itself.

The Galion restaurant in Kotor has an amazing location – probably the best in the whole region of the bay

We rolled up to the entrance without a booking and wearing our shorts and t-shirts after a day out. They had one table left, which we took and, on entering, immediately felt well under-dressed and a bit out of our depth!

This place is extremely posh, a really luxurious, stylish and classy feel to it the second you walk in the door.

We hadn’t had chance to check the menu and were worried the prices would be out of our league based on how smart the place is.

There’s an outdoor terrace with tables overlooking the whole of Kotor Bay and the nearby marina – and an indoor area made up of high glass walls. It was the first restaurant we’d been in where we could sit and eat comfortably out of the heat, as it was fully air-conditioned.

Views from all the tables in the Galion are amazing and it’s a pretty special place. Even though we were inside, the glass walls made it feel like we were outside but with the benefit of full air conditioning.

Although we were definitely under-dressed for the smart nature of the restaurant, the staff still made us feel welcome and were friendly and helpful.

The food and drink was certainly more expensive than anywhere else we’d eaten in Kotor so we had to go a bit careful but the quality was certainly very high too.

All our meals here were excellent – not necessarily much, if any, better than Ladovina (which is cheaper), but the location and setting of the Galion is probably the best in the whole of Kotor and it’s well worth coming here to experience it at least once.

You should book ahead here too, as it was full most evenings.

The Square Pub, Kotor Old Town

We tried another of the many Old Town restaurants and chose this place as the waiter convinced us to come in as we were passing.

The waiter was very friendly and helpful here, even voluntarily going in and getting us passwords to access their free wifi.

There was a great selection of food and it was up to the same kind of standard we’d become used to in Kotor and prices here, considering it’s inside the Old Town where things are a bit more expensive, were very reasonable – definitely another recommended choice.

Tanjga BBQ Grill

Finally, as we’d almost used up all our Euros by the end of the holiday, we decided to have a take-away so visited the extremely popular-looking Tanjga, a small roadside outlet selling various cooked meats, situated just opposite the ‘Ideal’ supermarket near the roundabout for Budva.

When we came in here it was total chaos! It seems to be a real favourite with the locals and was packed with people queuing at the counter ordering from the huge range of options, from whole cooked chickens to kebabs, burgers and much more.

We ordered the kilogram of ‘mixed meat’, which they cooked for us there and then.

From the outside it looks a bit dodgy but it’s highly rated by the locals and visitors alike and, sure enough, the food we got from here was perfect. Well-cooked, high quality meat, which we mixed up with some salad from the supermarket over the road.

A good, lower-cost option to eating out (although they do have tables you can sit at and eat in if you want to).