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The last stage of our drive from the UK to the South of France took us around a huge, picturesque lake, at which we stopped off at several points to enjoy the views, paddle and swim from the roadside beaches.

Lac de St Cassien has calm, clear water and spots with restaurants and shady sitting areas perfect as a getaway from the busy and hectic towns and beaches on the Côte d’Azur coast.

As you drive around the lake, you can’t miss the large inflatable ‘aqua park’, with its big blue and yellow floating obstacle course, plus a range of other activities like kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and pedaloes.

We saw all this on our first day of the holiday and made a point to come back here later in the week, which we actually ended up doing twice.

There’s an area (see the Google Maps link below) next to the water park for parking, though when we arrived late morning it was already completely full, as was the side of the road along the bridge. There was space to park at the other end of the bridge next to the water park, which was about 5-minutes walk or so and actually proved easier than manoeuvring the car around the steep, tight, packed car park by the water park.

On our first visit here we hired a pedaloe, which we took out on the lake for an hour or so. It was fun, large enough for all six of us to operate and had a slide built on to it which the children loved!

We had to wait a while for one to become available so, after booking it up, we spread our picnic blanket and towels out at the lake side and had our lunch, laid in the sun and swam around until it was time.

When we returned later in the week, we booked up the inflatable aqua park, which was probably the highlight of the holiday for the kids. They loved it and it was ideal for all their age ranges, from our youngest aged 7 to eldest aged 17. But it’s not only for kids, it’s for adults too.

You get a set amount of time on the aqua park and the children were all reluctant to get off and swim back to shore at the end of their time, they were having so much fun.

There’s plenty to occupy a whole family here for most of the day – whether you’re just sitting around relaxing, walking around the peaceful lake-side paths, swimming, sun-bathing or doing the activities in the aqua park and definitely worth a visit if you’re staying anywhere in the Grasse or Cannes region.

Getting there

The aqua park itself can be found on Google Maps here:

There’s parking, although it’s limited and at busy times you’ll probably find yourself parking on the roadside by the bridge or in a larger car park that’s at the opposite end of the bridge to the aqua park.