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Our apartment in Mlini was closer to the town of Cavtat (pronounced “savtat”) than Dubrovnik itself, which was extremely convenient because Cavtat was much easier to visit, particularly for evening meals, than battling the crowds in Dubrovnik Old Town.

Cavtat is a smaller, quieter town with a harbour, a small beach, a town centre and tons of restaurants all around the waters edge.

Sunsets in Cavtat are absolutely spectacular!

Every night we ate out, we went in to Cavtat with the hire car (there’s a large, fairly cheap car park) and tried a different restaurant every time.

There were so many places to eat to choose from here and the prices were far more reasonable than in central Dubrovnik.

Fish platter in one of Cavtat’s many, many restaurants

There are lots of options for catching a boat taxi from Cavtat to Dubrovnik Old Town, which, if you’re staying closer to Cavtat, we’d definitely recommend as car parking near Dubrovnik itself is very difficult and expensive. A boat taxi will be a far less stressful way of getting to the Old Town and back!

Likewise the boat taxis run in the opposite direction, so if you’re staying in Dubrovnik itself, you can easily catch a boat along to Cavtat and experience a slightly quieter and more laid back town.

Views from the main road running past Cavtat

One of the most impressive things about Cavtat is the sunset. We walked down to the main promenade along the harbour wall where a row of huge superyachts were moored up and you have a perfect view of the sun as it sets behind one of the islands.

This was our first night in Dubrovnik and our first taste of the unbelievable colours of the sky at sunset – a sight you just can’t get fed up of!

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